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Your Daily Dose of Devilishness

Because suicide attempts need soundtracks too

DJ Lyria

"I've been listening. Another person who loves Darth Vader samples as much as I do."

- Tasha of More Machine Than Man

"The Dark Zone is the soundtrack for the reality the Wicked Witch of the West would have created if not for that silly bitch Dorothy and her sniveling little dog Toto too. Soundscapes of scarecrows burning in cornfields, tin men rusting in rainfall and plagues of winged monkeys among the mountainsides. This is no place for lions who pet their tails. Kiss the rings Dorothy! With music ranging from Cradle of Filth to the Boards of Canada, it's like Burroughs said, 'The hole where the bullet went out was big enough to put your foot in, even if was a large foot and you didn't want to put it there.'"

- Robert Hedlund of Glissade

"I LOVED the station -- by far my favorite station I've heard on Live365 that plays us. I love all the little sci-fi doodles between songs, and from the Simpsons and stuff. My b-friend is the biggest Simpsons fan in the world I'm sure he'd approve of one of our songs following 'making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel.' Brilliant!"

- Dru of This Ascension

"A particularly apropos collection of goth, industrial, ambient, shoegazer, techno, sci fi, video games soundtrx, and other sound snips culled from the canon of pop culture."

- Live365 newsletter, October 2001

"TDZ makes good packing and cleaning music. Especially when trying to maintain a hyper high-energy mood. I keep hearing stuff that I'd like to get copies of...."

- DJ AssassiNathan nguinn

"You are cool!"

- MC Frontalot

Come check out my monthly gig at Underground.
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