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Your Daily Dose of Devilishness

Because suicide attempts need soundtracks too

10/22/06 11:34 am - Dirge Factory tonight

Once again, the Army is keeping Lord DJC from us, but do not despair! We will have super special guest DJ Kalyx on the decks along with Nathan and myself, so come early - stay late!

Huge prize package for the costume contest:

Bondage accessories from Protocol Leather
Wine from Underground
Gift certificate from Raleigh Creative Costumes
Candles and accessories from PartyLite candles
Stacks of CDs from Metropolis Records
CDs and stickers from Anders Manga

6/30/06 09:22 am - New Tunes from Ego Likeness

Brand new Ego Likeness on The Dark Zone.

5/16/06 10:35 am - Did you know...

Did you know that I now have over 400MB of space for MP3s on The Dark Zone? That's almost 18 hours of music. And did you know that I update the playlists at least once a week? And that I just gota an ass-ton of brand new promo stuff?

So tune in!


3/6/06 11:10 am - New Tunes!

New music from Fields of the Nephilim, Boards of Canada, Depeche Mode, and more on The Dark Zone. Go get your daily dose of devilishness!

12/16/05 10:03 am - Massive Update

including quite a bit of new wave.

The Dark Zone

11/9/05 03:17 pm - Dirge Factory Nov. 27

11/2/05 03:21 pm - Is anybody listening?

The Dark Zone wonders why you never write...

9/23/05 11:07 am - Dirge Factory this Sunday

8/26/05 09:51 am - Listen Up!

New music on The Dark Zone by some of the Eccentrik Festival's Battle of the Bands candidates.

Go Listen Now. It will make you prettier and more popular.

8/18/05 02:13 pm - Celebrate!

Happy Celebration playlist now playing on The Dark Zone!
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